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We don't want to steal time from your relaxation, so all courses that require programs longer than a day, are easily adaptable to your holiday's commitments. Don't hesitate to ask us further informations about the best course planning.

Each course requires the subscription of a medical self-certification, but if you plan to start a course with us, it would be even better to come with a certificate signed and stamped by your doctor, which authorizes you to carry out the underwater activity with safe. You can request the form to be filled in, using the button below.


In addition to the courses listed below, we are able to issue licenses for Emergency First Response course, Rescue Diver and Divemaster. These courses take longer than others, so if you are interested about, we ask you to contact us in advance to define the course planning.

acqua astratto


 8-9 years old kids / Max depth 2 mt

This program, as its name suggests, gives children the opportunity to have fun making bubbles just beneath the surface. Using the diving equipment, the Bubblemakers will have the opportunity to take their first breath underwater, followed directly by a professional PADI and learn the main skills of scuba diving as a game.



Min age 10 years old / Max depth 12 mt

The Scuba Diver is the first of the courses that allows you to receive a permanent patent. It includes a theoretical part, one of practice exercises in shallow water to gain confidence with the equipment and swimming, and two dives at sea to start exploring the marine world in complete safety.

Addestramento subacqueo in piscina


Min age 10 years old / Max depth 18 mt *

The most famous course in the world: grants a lifetime license that allows you to become an autonomous diver. As the Scuba Diver provides theory, practice in shallow water and four dives in open water to deepen the management of the dive up to 18 meters deep.

* Depth allowed is 12 mt up to 12 years of age

Saltare giù da una barca


Min age 12 years old / Max depth 30 mt *

For those already in possession of the Open Water Diver patent, this course requires five dives, plus its theoretical part, to deepen various specialties: deep, navigation with the compass, current, night, photography and many others.

*For Junior AOWD (under 15) the depth allowed is 21 meters.

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