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Novice divers, experts, photo lovers... the seabed of Tsarabanjina offer spectacular dives for any level of experience: the depths vary in fact from the few meters that we find diving from the beaches of the island and on some dry, up to 30 meters around the "Four Brothers". The biodiversity and integrity of the reef in this area, frequented by few tourists, are our pride: hard and soft corals, gorgonians and sponges are the setting for a lively life composed by tropical fish (butterfly fish, surgeon fish, trigger fish, clown fish, etc...)turtles, rays and moray eels.

  •  We offer up to four dives a day: two in the morning, one in the afternoon and one after sunset.

  • All the dive spots are at a maximum of 15 minutes of navigation; this short distance allows us to go out even with a single diver and return after each dive.  

  • Being constantly influenced by tides and currents, our guided dives don't have a pre-established program.  We choose the sites the same morning to find the best conditions to dive.

  • For each dive is included the service of assembly/disassembly equipment, rinsing and storage, as well as weight and 12lt aluminium tank.

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